Melancholia’s dog

Collaboration with Arne Wastyn. Eveline Lambrechts drew the upper portion of the playing card. Send it to Arne Wastyn, who made the exact same drawing at the same size with only 6 details that differ.

‘Melancholia’s dog’ deals with a man without vision or imagination. Around his neck hangs ‘the starving dog of the senses’, which we can also find in the etching ‘Melancholia’ of Dürer. This dog misses a leg and hangs like a scarf around the neck of the man. Which symbolizes the destructive stupidity of the man without vision and imagination who uses the concept of melancholy genius as status symbol. With his pedantic finger and blackberries (symbol of stupidity) he hides in his left hand, he wants to hide his smug, vain self.

Collaboration with Jolien Dirix : ‘Totem’ Interview with ‘Cult’ (Radio Scorpio) start at 1:23


Over evelinelambrechts

Artist in progress