Installation in which there’s a board that’s filled with glass wool. I wanted to make it huge in size but subtile with the location. The Title ‘Mine’ refers to the location but also to consumption and greed. The Glass wool is sculptured into clouds. Clouds of the industrial revolution that the mine once was but also the clouds that the mine explosion of 1929 once was.

The original idea was that the board was filled with black and white cotton candy. The spectator was suposed to eat from the black clouds and would have got as a result of the eating a black mouth like the mine workers had. Unfortunately the expiration date of cotton candy is less than 4 hours in moist conditions (like old buildings). So i had to work with non-edible material like glass wool, which is very simular to clouds.

Location : mine Waterschei.

The exhibtition will open 10 july till 8 September 2013.


Over evelinelambrechts

Artist in progress