°1989, Hasselt.

0472/ 348 – 824


2011-2012 Master Vrije kunsten, Mad Faculty Hasselt

2007-2011 Bachelor Vrije kunsten, Mad Faculty Hasselt

Thesis‘The aestheticization of the enjoyment of crying’ was due to a high score recorded in the PHL database.


2014 curating own exhibition Here’s looking at you, kid!

2013 Curating pop-up expo’s Amuseevous

2012-2013 Performer at the Exhibition ‘All the knives’ Z33 Hasselt, Limburg.

2012 workshop ‘practice in telling and interpreting stories on the basis of (graphical) objects designed by the artists. ” Namahn, St. Josse-ten-noode, Brussels. In collaboration with Z33 and Frans Masereel center.

2012 Internship at sculpture workshop ‘Fryart’ Overpelt, Limburg.

2011 Internship at arts centre ‘STUK’ Leuven.

2011 Internship at the ‘werktank’ Bierbeek, Leuven.

2007- 2012 Two workweeks/year at the ‘Frans Masereel centrum’ Kasterlee.