The line between cheerful and tripping over my own savage grief has always been thin. Which the tears were never far away. And thanks to the modernistic ‘not done’ vision of tears the distance between the other grew larger. The need for transforming the world was therefore never far.

Making art is basically killing two birds with one stone; it gives me the opportunity to transform the world and at the same time it gives me the opportunity to say what I never could say before.

“An artist eats very much, digests it and spits it out in new work.”

This quote has always fascinated me both intrinsically and literally, it’s pasted in one of my earliest sketchbooks. In the part where I unconsciously decided to work autobiographical.

My will to materialize my emotions ensures partly that I’m not fixated on a particular technique. The constantly changing society and the MTV generation have certainly had some influence on that. Surprisingly it was printmaking what drew me to study the arts.

The first years of my studies I focused on old techniques such as etching, screenprinting and lithographs. Later I became fascinated by glass, installation and video art. That duality between the old and the new, between beauty and cruelty makes me desire a tension in my work. “Poetic images with balls.” called an art critic it once. I see ‘Balls’ in the above context as absurd, absolutely unexpected, surprising, if not (shocking) strange images. Beside surrealism, absurdity and duality, autobiography, melancholy, nostalgia, symbolism, paradoxes, greed, rituals and obscenity are also reflected in my work.

The questioning of unconscious rituals or conventions that people in our hedonistic (Western) world undergo every day to repeat an once missed gratification is an element which holds a very important position in what I do.

The also Belgian Magritte and Michael Borremans has influenced my eye, my way of looking at art. In this list certainly fits Gus van Sant, Wim Catrysse, Nicolas Provost, Yoann Lemoine, Michel Gondry, Marina Abramovic, Nicola Samori and Jan fabre.